In The Face of Tragedy 

In the face of tragedy you truly can unveil who people really are. They show you their heart, whether it’s good or bad. It can be a beautiful thing and it can heartbreaking. But for this post I choose to focus on the good. There will be enough sad posts in the future I’m sure 😉

I have seen some of the absolute best in people since Erik passed away. I have experienced some amazing things from amazing people during my journey. Family and friends who would drop anything to help me if I needed it. My family and my husband’s family (which of course is my family too!) have been amazingly supportive and loving. I can’t thank them enough or be more grateful for them. There has been relationships strengthened and brought closer in the mist of all the heartache. It’s beautiful. 

There are people who I barely know, or who I don’t know at all, sending me cards and gifts, sending up prayers and letting me know they care about me. They care about me?! They pray for me?! These people whom I’ve never met, they simply heard about me through a friend or family member and chose to care. They chose to make an effort to help someone going through a hard time. It’s humbling. It’s beautiful. It’s God at work. 

I have literally cried at cards/notes and gifts from people that I don’t even know (or barely know) for the shear thoughtfulness they showed in sending it. They took time out of their busy lives to try and make things easier for me or to possibly bring me comfort or make me smile, if even just for a second. It’s absolutely inspiring and wonderful. 

I received a card shortly after Erik passed away. It was from a lady that I have never met. She only knew of my story through a family member. She wrote me to tell me that she too had lost her husband when they were young. She told me that someone she didn’t know had done the same for her. Had sent her a card letting her know that someone out there had survived and she could too. So she wanted to do the same for me. She lost her husband over 30 years ago. She told me it wouldn’t always be easy but I could survive. I’m not sure she will ever know how much that card means to me. I still take it out from time to time just to read it and remind myself someone survived. I need to let her know just how much she touched me. 

I have many many thank you cards to write and if you have ever experienced widow brain (it’s real!) you would understand why I haven’t made it through them all. I swear they are coming! 🙂

But I’ll end with this- I’m so thankful for each and every friend, family member and stranger that has made an effort in some way to help me through this journey. I thank God for each of you. Thank you. Thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart!  

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