Receiving Signs from Heaven

Some people may not believe in signs from Heaven and that’s fine, but as for me, I know it’s true. I don’t believe in coincidences. Since my husband has passed away, I’ve had many signs from him. They are not always the same sign, but when it happens I know in my heart it’s him. Most of the signs that happen, happen in groups. So whatever sign he sends, he will do multiple times in a week or two week period. Let me tell you about some of the signs I have experienced.

Of course bluebirds. I’ve had many of these so I’ll just tell you about two occasions. One day when I pulled up to the cemetery, I had one land right in front of me and just stay there staring at me. It was very close and not at all the actions of a normal bird that flies away when you shut a car door or get close to it. There was also a time when I was walking with my stepson and a bluebird flew right in front of us and hovered. It hovered for a while too. I’ve never had a bird do that for so long and so close. It was amazing! My stepson was SO excited. He said “That’s a bluebird! That’s a bluebird!” He knew his dad had been sending them to me regularly since he passed away so he loved seeing one. I told him “That’s daddy letting us know he is with us today.” The smile on his face was magical. 

I also had a week of ladybugs. I go to Erik’s gravesite pretty much everyday. I’ll just sit on a blanket and talk with him or even just sit there quietly. It’s my peaceful place and I feel close to him. Well during one week while I sat there, I had a ladybug land on either my hand or his stone for 4 days that week! I had not had a ladybug land on me or around me in quite some time. I knew, without a doubt, it was him. One ladybug even kept walking all over my wedding ring! The pictures below are two of those days when it happened. 

I’ve also had clouds shaped like hearts. I’ve seen them many times. They don’t always look the same but they always look like a heart and when I see them, I know. It’s not always about the sign itself, but also the feeling you get when you see it. I can’t explain it to those who haven’t experienced it but trust me, you just know it’s them! 

The last one I’ll mention today is rainbows. They haven’t been the “classic” arched rainbow, but instead, a cloud that is full of all the rainbows colors. I’ve never seen this before and within the last few weeks I’ve seen at least 5! Every time I see one, I smile and say “hey babe”. 

There have been more but I’ll leave it to those for now! I can’t tell you how I know it’s my husband but I have no doubt in my heart and mind that all of these signs were sent from him. He may not be here like I want him to be, but he is still with me every single day. Our connection is still strong. This kind of love doesn’t fade. It last forever. So thank you babe for each and every sign you send me. I’ll be waiting…

5 thoughts on “Receiving Signs from Heaven

  1. I love the title of your post. I lost my husband almost 2 years ago. Whenever I hear Fly Me to the Moon I know he’s encouraging me. I think God set things (signs) up in our lives prior to our loss – like your bluebird – to bless us now.

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  2. I know you tell the truth because since my husband past a blue bird comes out side my house I find dime and penny’s I have rainbow in my house .

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