Sunday Funday?

Some days/moments are just harder. They just hit you. Sunday’s were one of our favorite days together. It was the one day that usually we both had off work & we just got to be together & enjoy it. On the weekends with the kids, it was our family day. On the weekends without the kids, it was our day to enjoy each other. 

It may sound silly but football season is hard without him. We both loved to watch the games & it was something we always did together. I was watching the Carolina Panthers game today & my eyes started to fill with tears. The overwhelming feeling of emptiness hit me. He isn’t here & it isn’t the same. 

It’s not just about the big moments lost with him, and there are many. The birthdays, the anniversaries, him missing the kids growing up…those are all horrible. But it’s also about those moments you never even realized were so important. Sleeping in on a Sunday morning together, watching football games & just enjoying a lazy Sunday as a family and/or a couple. 

Don’t forget to be grateful for every moment. No matter how small. They will mean more to you one day than you ever know. 

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