Feathers – Sometimes It’s The Little Things After Loss That Mean So Much

This is going to be a quick little post to share something I consider very special. The other day I was leaving to take my stepdaughter to school & laying right beside my car were two white/grey feathers. Something about the feeling I got when I saw them, I just knew it was him. He was with us. I believe there were two because one was meant for me & one for his daughter. The next day I was walking & a feather floated right in front of my face & landed at my feet. In the last week I have come across 6 different feathers. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t usually see feathers daily. People can believe what they believe but as for me, I know exactly who they are from. Thanks for letting me know you are with me babe! 

One thought on “Feathers – Sometimes It’s The Little Things After Loss That Mean So Much

  1. So Mary found one at work when she was asking daddy for a sign…. they say feathers are one of the common signs used by those reaching out to us…. love it!

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