In A Moment, It Can All Change

So I looked at my “On this day” on Facebook and there in front of me was a post I made a year ago. It was this picture of my husband & I during our first dance at our wedding reception and it said “One month down, a lifetime to go!❤️”

 It’s so surreal. Looking at it, I just lost it. You truly never know what life is going to hand you, what you will have to endure. Instead of a lifetime with my husband, today marks 8 months of his passing. I can’t even fathom that. 8 months?! I honestly feel like I live in the twilight zone. I’m waiting to escape and have my life back, my husband back, but sadly I know this can’t & won’t happen. I miss him terribly. There aren’t words that can describe the hurt and pain I feel.

Today, and everyday, try to be grateful for what you have. In a second, it could all be gone. 

I miss you so much babe. You are mine and I am yours. Always. 

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