What is Purpose?

Today, on the 5th anniversary of Erik’s passing, I was sitting and wondering about life. There are so many uncertainties and so many ups and downs, and then I thought about life’s purpose. And my purpose. Then I reread one of my favorite cards written by my late husband. One that always amazes me. I could not word it any better than him when he discussed purpose, so I decided to simply share his beautiful words in hopes they touch someone else as well.

Here it is:

“What is purpose?” I found myself asking while aimlessly picking through an unbelievably diverse, yet still so impersonal, selection of cards. Is it a calling or talent, like Kobe Bryant‘s purpose is to play basketball? I don’t think so, it is too tangible and meaningless, also talents such as those disappear with time, purpose does not. Maybe it is an action you were supposed to do, like save a child from being hit by a car and he grows up to cure cancer? Again I don’t think so, it lessens the value of the entirety of your life, all the pain, joy, and happiness you ever experienced did not matter, only that you save that child.

I believe purpose is simply giving and sharing with the world those qualities that God gave us, with no profession or event in mind, but because when shared those qualities make the world a better place. Almost as though He looks at us as He creates us thinking “I will give this one courage, compassion, kindness, patience, empathy and insight because the world could always use more of each.”, all the while only knowing that this creation has so much potential, if it would only use it. Potential to give three of His creatures a happy home. Potential to do things for others “just because” and in turn make someone’s day. Potential to be scared, scared of being hurt again, or losing something its grown attached to, but moving forward anyway. Potential to give a simple hug when someones close friend and coworker dies, saying naught a word but pouring her empathy and love into that hug. Potential to know someones shortcomings and circumstances and to diligently stand right next to them, no matter how bad or no matter how long it takes.

It is only when that potential is fulfilled, and those traits that God gave us are used daily, that it is no longer potential, rather it is now purpose and God, in turn, smiles. Just as He does each day when you show Daniel, Hannah and I your purpose; those afore mentioned, God given traits that you give freely…because it is your purpose! Because it is who you are and what you do, and to do anything else just would not make sense to you. It is because of your purpose that we love you unconditionally Nora. God put something extra into you. And it makes Him, and every life you touch around you, smile everyday.

It’s me again…Was that not a beautiful card? And a beautiful way to see our purpose in life? So thankful he left me with those words to read over and over again. Hope they touched you as well. Never forget that God created all of us for a purpose, but will we choose to live it?

2 thoughts on “What is Purpose?

  1. The truth is so very beautiful. Thank you for sharing something so personal with the rest of us. May the Lord continue to bless you as you share the gifts He gave you with others.


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