Now what?

I'm not sure what I expected the 1 year anniversary to "feel" like but I don't think it's what I expected. The day started out ok, I woke up and got ready and went to hangout with my stepkids. This kept my mind busy and we had a fun time. They always bring me joy... Continue Reading →

365 Days

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of my husband passing away. I sat down to write about that day and then I thought maybe I should do something different. I could write about that horrific day, the emotions I dealt with and the PTSD I have from the events of that day...or I could talk... Continue Reading →

The Countdown Has Begun

I'm sitting here and my emotions are taking over me, I can feel my anxiety building. The "countdown" has begun. There are 11 days until THAT day, the dreaded day, the one year anniversary of my husband's passing, the day that changed everything for me and all our family and friends.  Today is one of... Continue Reading →

You’re My Significant Otter

I've never been a huge Valentine's Day person. I don't dislike the holiday, I just have never really cared much about getting flowers or gifts for it. I think it's a million times more special when you get flowers or a card/gift on a completely random day and then you know that your spouse/significant other... Continue Reading →

Those Shaking Hands…

After my husband passed away I took a little time off from work, about a month and a half. When it was time to go back I worried about a lot of things. You just can't imagine all the feelings that going back to work (and "normal" everyday life) brings up in a situation like... Continue Reading →

The What-ifs…

The "what-ifs", these are some of the hardest things to work through during the grief journey. It brings out regret, guilt and anger. Recently I had an appointment with a cardiologist to have a stress test performed. For those who don't know what that is, it's basically having pictures of your heart taken, then walking... Continue Reading →

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